Your Feedback is our Reference

Your Feedback is our Reference and very important to us because it always flows into the further development of our products.

The verdict from Heilbronn University

The degree in Technical Logistics Management at the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences is characterised by its high level of practical relevance and the broad range of subjects covered, enabling graduates to enter various professional fields. When teaching change management, the university uses simulation games from Lean Games to convey the learning content. Both lecturers and students are enthusiastic about the games.

Student Heike Bloschies says: “The “Lean Production” simulation game really made it clear to me how companies benefit from implementing lean production. I can hardly believe that there are still companies today that don’t use lean production!”

Heilbronn University offers a total of 42 degree courses. It attaches great importance to ensuring that the knowledge transfer process is interesting, and has a practical orientation. The Technical Logistics Management course is still relatively new; it began in 2008/2009 at the suggestion of logistics companies in the region. 

It is based on three pillars: technology (the solid engineering basis), processes (the technical and business processes), and people (the leadership and work-orientated design of logistics systems). Further information about Heilbronn University can be found on its website:

5S Seek and you shall find

“The ideal game to give participants a short introduction to the working and benefits of the 5S methodology!” 

Hans Sinke, Managing Director, NRF Deutschland

Lean Six Sigma

“I spent a long time looking for a game which would clearly convey to my seminar participants the positive synergies of Lean and Six Sigma. Finally, I have found it. Great game!”

F. Gürbig, M+M Management + Marketing Consulting GmbH

5S Model Factory

“I would recommend this game to anyone responsible for introducing 5S in their companies!”

J. Gietmann, SMS Meer

Value Stream Design

“Great game for teaching the value stream methodology. The step-by-step implementation in the model factory is good preparation for subsequent real-life implementation in production processes. This game offers an impressive demonstration of the improvements still possible!”

F. Gürbig, M+M Management + Marketing Consulting GmbH

5S Production Suitcase Game

“Using real tools gives this game a very high level of authenticity. My seminar participants and colleagues recognise the scenario from their own companies or hobby rooms at home, leading to very high acceptance. I can recommend this game in good conscience!”

F. Gürbig, M+M Management + Marketing Consulting GmbH

Lean Engineering

“We use this game to introduce lean thinking to our development team. It has been a great success!”

W. Hinterreither, Siemens Österrreich

5S Office Suitcase Game

“The 5S Office Suitcase game is a great way to show participants how much more efficient day-to-day office work can be if designed according to 5S criteria.”

Hans Silke, Managing Director, NRF Deutschland

Lean SCM

“The perfect game to convey lean thinking to the entire supply chain. I use this game in my workshops!”

M. Loesch

Lean Production

“These days, wind turbines form part of our landscape, and play an important part in environmental sustainability. Now, whenever I see a wind turbine, it reminds me of the lean production simulation game and enthusiastic seminar participants!”

L. Steininger, MIAS Maschinenbau, Industrieanlagen & Service GmbH

Lean Admin

“I spent a long time looking for a lean game that didn’t involve production processes for a change.  This game is a great way of revealing the potential for improvement in administrative areas, and is very well received by participants. It has helped us hugely with implementing ideas for our day-to-day work!”

F. Gürbig, M+M Management + Marketing Consulting GmbH

Just in Time

“The perfect game to give participants a brief introduction to the principles of just-in-time, takt, flow, and pull (including kanban and supermarket)!”

M. Steinert, CIP representative, Nirosta