We are the specialists in the development of simulation games to impart knowledge of Lean and Lean Six Sigma.

Our games have been tried and developed in hundreds of training courses, seminars and workshops from the initial idea in the year 2000 to the founding of Lean Games in 2009. We integrated the experience from various game processes into an optimization loop, so that our games were almost perfected. With over 15 games and new developments, we are the specialists of simulation games for knowledge transfer of Lean and Lean Six Sigma. We are one of the largest providers in Europe.

In addition, we will put you in a better position and prepare you for the next Lean and Lean Six Sigma training with our digital books (only in german). Get insights into testimonials and benefit from hundreds of trainings carried out first hand. Communicate the lean philosophy and inspire your training participants. Receive valuable training tips for all lean managers and trainers who want to introduce or teach lean. Training and education methods, didactics and used lean games. The author of our books describes from the point of view of his many years of experience as a lean expert and lean trainer and how he learned to convey the lean philosophy with ease.

The feedback from our customers is very important to us and always flows into the further development of our products.

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