5S Model Factory

The company Power World with production (1 x logistics/maintenance) manufactures blades for wind turbines. The first round of the game is characterised by wasting time looking for tools, unnecessary journeys, unsuitable tools, quality issues, chaotic processes, and dissatisfied employees. The 5S methodology is implemented in a step-by-step fashion, and participants are astonished by the improvements that can be made through its introduction.


Sense and purpose

The perfect game to provide a comprehensive explanation of the 5S methodology. This game is intended to show participants that the 5S methodology is not just about cleanliness and order. The 5S methodology also focuses on eliminating waste in your own work environment. Participants learn to recognise different types of waste, and eliminate them step by step by applying the 5S methodology. Use this game to give participants a detailed understanding of the 5S methodology.


Learning content

– Types of waste
– 5S
– standards
– spaghetti diagrams
– drawing shadow charts
– improving work safety


Information about the game

– Number of players: from 4 players
– Duration of each round: approx. 10 mins.
– Number of rounds: 2
– Duration for whole seminar: 1/2 day



– Model factory
– Comprehensive set-up and game documentation
– 5S training presentation (Power Point)

699,- €

plus VAT and shipping

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