5S Office Suitcase Game

This game is an impressive yet easily understandable way of showing participants that the 5S methodology also works in the office. Two participants are chosen to sit in front of two different suitcases. They are each given an urgent work order. While the participant with the 5S suitcase is able to complete the work order on time and stress-free, the other wastes time looking for the correct tools and has to deal with equipment that doesn’t work.


Sense and purpose

The perfect game to introduce participants to the 5S methodology in an office setting. Participants will be impressed with the advantages offered by 5S in no time at all. Unnecessary items, an untidy suitcase, and an unstructured work order lead to time wasted looking for tools and lots of errors. While playing the game, participants are reminded of their everyday work, and are impressed by the 5S methodology.


Learning content

– Types of waste
– 5S
– standards
– shadow boards
– reduction of stress and hectic work pace


Information about the game

– Number of players: from 2 players
– Duration of each round: approx. 10 mins.
– Number of rounds: 1
– Duration for seminar: approx. 1 hour



– 2 x toolboxes
– Comprehensive game videos
– 5S training presentation (Power Point)

499,- €

plus VAT and shipping

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