5S Seek and you shall find

Participants are given the task of ticking certain numbers within a predetermined time limit. Due to the chaotic layout of the task sheet, the task is impossible. Through the 5S presentation included with the game, participants receive a step-by-step introduction to the meaning of each “S”. These are then immediately implemented on the task sheet. This is an impressive way of showing participants the gains which can be achieved using this methodology. In the last round of the game, once all of the “S” words have been implemented, participants are able to complete the task problem-free.

Sense and purpose

This game is ideal for providing an entertaining introduction to the 5S methodology and explaining it to participants, regardless of whether they come from a manufacturing or administration background. Participants will be astonished to discover the potential for improvement offered by the 5S methodology.

Learning content

– Types of waste
– 5S
– standards


Information about the game

– Number of players: from 1 player
– Duration of each round: approx. 25 secs.
– Number of rounds: 5
– Duration for seminar: 1 hour

Contents (digital)

– digital game support
– 5S training presentation (Power Point)

99,- €

plus VAT

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