Participants are given the task of completing a puzzle within a certain time limit. In the first round of the game, participants come up with a concept to reach the target situation. They will realise, however, that they cannot reach the target situation this way.

In the second round, participants are led to the target situation through the moderator’s coaching kata. By posing the prescribed questions throughout the PDCA cycle, participants will get closer to the target situation with each cycle. Finally they will reach the target situation, something they had thought was impossible.


Sense and purpose

The perfect game for understanding and applying improvement and coaching kata, as successfully implemented by Toyota for decades. Participants recognise the importance of being led by a coach, and approaching a goal, step-by-step, through the PDCA cycle. They learn that failed attempts also provide important insights which can help you to achieve your goal.


Learning content

– Improvement kata using PDCA
– coaching kata using question techniques


Information about the game

– Number of players: 4–6 players
– Duration of each round: approx. 60 mins.



– Game documentation
– Kata game

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