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The purchasing department of company Power World needs to place a timely order for the materials needed to manufacture wind turbines. Due to disorganised processes and time pressures, they miss their deadline. The orders are placed too late, resulting in production delays. After analysing the 1st round of the game, participants optimise processes in the purchasing department by applying lean administration principles.


Sense and purpose

This game is an impressive way to show participants that administrative areas suffer from the same types of waste as production areas, and can benefit from the same optimisation possibilities. Use this game if you want to introduce lean thinking to your administrative departments.


Learning content

– Push principle
– the 7 types of waste in administrative areas
– recognising bottlenecks in administrative areas
– teamwork
– “takt” or timing principle
– flow principle
– pull principle
– 5S in the office


Information about the game

– Number of players: from 6 players
– Duration of each round: approx. 10 mins.
– Number of rounds: 2
– Duration for seminar: 1-2 days



– Model factory
– Comprehensive set-up and game documentation

599,- €

plus VAT and shipping

Lean Admin