Lean Engineering



The company Power World manufactures wind turbines. The six members of the engineering department are given ten minutes to construct a wind turbine which yields maximum profit through its subsequent production. They must not overspend on the development budget, and they should complete the task within 9 minutes so that there is still 1 minute left to carry out a test run. As in real life, the game is designed so that they run out of time, have to rush things at the end, and are not able to carry out a test run. When the turbine goes into production in the next round, they will lose millions. After this, participants initially implement lean engineering, and follow this up by implementing lean production. The result? A profit in the millions.


Sense and purpose

This game is an impressive way of showing participants that development processes can also involve a lot of waste, and that this can be eliminated by implementing lean. In addition, participants are made aware that incorrect decisions during the development phase have a knock-on effect on the subsequent production process. Use this game if you want to introduce lean thinking to your development department.


Learning content

– Push principle
– the 7 types of waste related to the development process
– reduction of development time (lead time)
– recognising and eliminating bottlenecks in the development process
– just-in-time
– “takt” or timing principle
– flow principle
– pull principle
– kanban
– supermarket
– 5S (production and office)
– set-up time reduction
– batch size reduction
– preventative maintenance
– spaghetti diagrams


Information about the game

– Number of players: from 7 players
– Duration of each round: approx. 10-15 mins.
– Number of rounds: 3
– Duration for seminar: 1–2 days



– Model factory
– Comprehensive set-up and game documentation
– Training presentation Lean Production (Power Point)

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Lean Engineering