Shopfloor Management (SFM)



In a model wind turbine factory, participants repeatedly carry out short “production rounds” (approx. 5 minutes) and experience how important it is for management staff to recognise on-site problems at an early stage. In this game, each participant has the opportunity to play a management role. After each round of production, the respective manager transmits a standard communication to the SFM board. The board discusses all the relevant key figures, and in the event of deviations, the correct measures are quickly implemented. Then the managers support their employees in implementing the new measures. The next round of the game starts, and managers can quickly see how effective their measures are (process confirmation, go & see). Decide for yourself how many rounds you wish to play. Each round provides the opportunity to practise CIP, and develop employees and management staff. There is also the opportunity to give the managers feedback on their leadership behaviour.

Sense and purpose

This game is specifically designed to prepare management staff and employees in a model factory for the introduction of shopfloor management, and to convey the subject in a playful manner. Offer your participants a sheltered space to get to know the topic of “on-site leadership” and to practise.


Learning content

– Shopfloor management
– Standard communication to the SFM board
– Process confirmation through go & see

Information about the game

– Number of players: 7
– Duration for seminar: 8 hours



– Model factory for manufacturing wind turbines
– Game documentation
– Training presentation

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Shopfloor Management (SFM)