Value Stream Design



The company Power World has 7 employees (5 x production, 1 x logistics, 1 x maintenance) and manufactures wind turbines. Its manufacturing is based on the classic push principle. The first round of the game is characterised by overproduction, excessive stock levels, large batch sizes, unnecessary transport journeys, quality issues, and long set-up times, stoppages, and waiting times. Using a pencil and eraser, participants draw the complete current value stream, including the typical symbols. Then, by applying value stream design, participants draw the factory’s target value stream and lead the company back into profitability.


Sense and purpose

The perfect game to provide a comprehensive explanation of the value stream design methodology. Participants learn how to perform a complete value stream analysis in a model factory, and how to optimise the model factory step-by-step by applying value stream design. Use this game to prepare participants for an upcoming value stream analysis.


Learning content

– Push principle
– types of waste
– value stream analysis
– value stream design
– selection of product groups
– value stream symbols
– just-in-time
– “takt” or timing principle
– flow principle
– pull principle
– kanban
– supermarket
– set-up time reduction
– batch size reduction
– 5S
– preventative maintenance
– spaghetti diagrams


Information about the game

– Number of players: from 7 players
– Duration of each round: approx. 15 mins.
– Number of rounds: 2
– Duration for seminar: 1–2 days



– Model factory
– Comprehensive set-up and game documentation

799,- €

plus VAT and shipping